ADG Construction Services bid process is simple (and it's free): We will gladly meet with you at your convenience to discuss your potential project. Afterwards, we will prepare a bid proposal, usually within five business days of our initial meeting if all of the components of the project have been outlined and discussed. The proposal
is sent to you for review in the manner that you find the most convenient:
mail, fax, or e-mail.

ADG will revise the proposal based on any changes that you have outlined and reissue it to you for final review and approval.

Once the bid proposal has been approved and signed by all concerned parties, ADG Construction Services will coordinate the project schedule with you, the homeowner, and will begin work on the agreed upon schedule date.

ADG Guarantee
It is ADG Construction Services guarantee to our customers that we will begin the project on the scheduled date and will not leave until it is completed. In other words, once your project begins, we will not delay its completion to work on other projects.

The proposal and contracting process is that simple, because it should be. Our quarantee is even simpler since it is just the way we like to do business.